Week 15 – Artist Interview – Troy Rounseville


This week Troy Rounseville gallery really popped for me. Troy’s art is based on how our emotions will change over time because of our dependance on technology. Technology has a great impact on everyones life and we don’t realize how much it affects our lives. Socializing has become an electronic based thing now, when back before technology was so advance one had to communicate face to face. I think the pieces Troy did are wonderful. His work shows the rapid change of technology and how easy everything is for us right now. The abundance of wires in this one piece can show the handwork it took too make things work. How hard it was to communicate with someone to show our emotions or anything at all. Now we can max something work with just one wire or with just a couple presses on our cellphones. I think this is one of my favorite exhibitions this year. Thank you Troy Rounseville for your work.

Week 15 – Classmate Interview – Tyler Muronaka

This week i interviewed Tyler Muronaka. He is currently a freshman that is majoring in the film department. He is from Torrance and commutes from there also. He is a recent graduate of North Torrance High School. Torrance has a bunch of high schools, and a lot of them include Torrance in the name which i think is pretty funny. Tyler has a younger sister that is only three years of age. His favorite form of art is to draw, and he enjoys doing that in his spare time. The reason why he is majoring in film is because one of his friends is a director and inspired him to do so. He is still not sure what exactly he wants to do in the film department, but he is still pushing towards that area of study. Tyler enjoys playing basketball during his spare time and likes drawing. He also likes to watch tv or movies that are more comedy based. Tyler currently works at Aloha Pizza in Gardena.

For more information on Tyler Muronaka visit his blog: http://tylermuronaka.wordpress.com/

Week 13 – Artist Interview – Marie Thibeault


This week galleries were pretty interesting. I choose a piece by Marie Thibeault. She describes her works as a collaboration of other artist in the way they feel, through experiences with abstract paintings. The work in the room was really beautiful, the choice of colors really popped out too me which i loved. I would like to see more work from her and other graduate assistants in the future.

Week 13 – Classmate Interview – Juventino Cisneros

This week i interviewed Juventino Cisneros at the very last minute. Therefore i do not have a photo with him. Juventino is 19 years of age and a second year here at CSULB majoring in Mechanical Engineering. He is from Lindsay, CA but originally migrated here from Mexico at the age of 8. He is currently forming here at long beach. He enjoys playing sports but doesn’t really like watching them, he is more of an interacting type of person. His favorite sport is soccer. He also enjoys going to the gym and getting in a good workout. Like myself, Juventino likes watching shows that involve criminals and drugs, his favorite show is Breaking Bad. He is also really not Sci-Fi type movies. Juventino is a pretty cool guy in my opinion.

For more information on Juventino Cisneros visit his blog: http://juventinocisneros.com/

Week 12 – Extra Credit?

MY FOURTH POST THIS WEEK! My three favorite activities this semester were the “Instagram”, “Student Choice”, and “Web Design”. The reason for my liking of Week 2 is because when in class does a teacher allow you to use INSTAGRAM to pass? It was fun looking at all the photos everyone posted also. Week 1 was also a good learning experience too me, because I’ve never had my own website where I actually updated weekly about what I did or anything of that nature. Week 11 was my absolute favorite because it allowed me to show something not a lot of people know about me, so it was more personal.

My three least favorite activities this year had to be “Kickstarter”, “VLOGs”, and “Counterfactual”. The only reason for me not liking these three is because I hate being in front of a camera. If i didn’t have to be in front of a camera for a video or a photo, I would actually enjoy it but the fact that I had to be in front of a camera made me very dislike it. I hate being in front of cameras.

This class is perfect the way it is in my opinion, it allows you to have an easy class that is very fun and informative. Art is a useful tool to express feelings of emotion or a message and I believe everyone should like it. The only thing that could make this class better is free food for all the students.

Thank you Professor Zucman for making this class fun and easy!

Week 12 – Artist Profile – Timothy Cooper


This week I really enjoyed the piece by Timothy Cooper, although he was not there to interview I believe, because I didn’t see anyone at his table I still enjoyed his work. Timothy Cooper made 145 plates using stoneware clay by hand, and used a satin white glaze before he fired it in an oven at just above 2250 degrees Fahrenheit. The process took from early September till about mid-October. Timothy said the project is to show the “ability of multiple individuals to work together to produce a positive personal, social, and aesthetic experience”. The project is his view “ that the most important material involved in art are a community, time, and a personal desire to resolve the inequities of relation”, in which I totally agree upon. Art is meant to be made to express a message or anything that can be expressed to the viewer which can be viewed as the community. The desire to create art is to portray the message to the viewer to resolve the miscommunications. The plates showed a great vibe coming from them of hard work, love, and desire to share. I thank Timothy for bringing his exhibit to our school.

Week 12 – Classmate Interview – Steven Le


This week I interviewed a guy named Steven Le. He approached me very timidly and confused, I think he saw a big dude and was scared to talk to me. Little did he know I am pretty friendly. Steven is a pretty cool dude, and I hope he does well here. He is a freshman that is majoring in Computer Engineering, just like myself. Steven is from Westminster, CA and attended La Quinta High School in the same city. Westminster and La Quinta are just down the street from where I live which is pretty cool. I’ve met a lot of people in this class from around my area. Steven enjoys sleeping and playing computer games specifically League of Legends on his spare time. I used to play League of Legends myself but matches take thirty minutes to an hour, and sometimes you loose track of time. He doesn’t watch TV and isn’t picky about food, so basically Steven will eat anything. At the moment Steven doesn’t have a job, but he wants to work as a tutor in the Horn Center at CSULB as a Math tutor. Lastly Steven doesn’t play any other sport but Badminton. I give him props for that, badminton is a very hard sport to play.

For more information on Steven Le visit his blog: http://stevenkle.wordpress.com/

Week 12 – Activity – Teach One

For this week Professor Zucman wants us to “Teach One”. The focus this week is to teach something we learned during our time so far in ART 110, or something we learned involving art. I want to explain how to draw one of my favorite types of graffiti styles. This style is often called “Graffiti Arrows”. One of the things about graffiti that I think is important is that there is never a right or wrong. Graffiti is meant to be used as an expression. The graffiti arrow style involves your basic alphabet letters but with arrows. For the most part a letter can be drawn with and endpoint as your start. Once the endpoint is set, write the letter in any type of font or style you want, and end the line with an arrow. The arrow tip can be attached or non attached to the lettering. This style is pretty easy to draw and it looks nice when you do big block letters with added expressions around the letters to give more space to your art. The whole point about graffiti arrows is to show direction. An arrow portrays  and entrance point and and exit point. Arrows in the letters can be pointed in specific directions to show the viewer what to look for to get the message of the art. This is my “Teach One” for this week I hope you guys can enjoy it.


Week 11 – Artist Profile – Wesley Hicks


To be completely honest none of the galleries this week appealed to my that well. It’s not that the art was bad or anything of that nature, I was just not very interested in what was presented at the time. I am sorry if that offends and of the artist. The only room that I had any sort of interest in was Wesley Hick’s room. All of his pieces are made too exploit the imperfections and the way the world makes us see things. He wants to viewers to think hard to find out the meaning of the pieces from the shape to the imperfections that were constantly redone to make better. Wesley wants his art to be complex and hard too read so viewers cans look deeply and back themselves in a corner, trapped away just to figure out what his pieces of work mean. His pieces are all of miniature scale, and they all have larger original scale pieces. His work is very vibrant and the shapes are somewhat distinct, I enjoyed looking at each piece and trying to figure out the meaning of them.

Week 11 – Activity – Student Choice

This week Professor Zucman wanted us to do our own choice of weekly activity. I chose to display some writing I’ve done. I usually like to express my thoughts when I am feeling down or upset and it kind of relieves some stress for me. It makes life easier for me when i write short little poems that sometimes have meaning but can sometimes also make no sense. The majority of the poems i write have  no title, and that is mainly because I am not good at being creative for a title so it is just made easier to leave it out. I hope you can enjoy these two poems.

Poem One

leaves sway before they touch down

winter is in the near you can hear it’s sound

life moves on it can’t be prevented

live for the future don’t be so vetted 

take what’s given and also give back

keep your circle small don’t turn your back

if it gets to hard don’t quit it’s fine 

fight through and it will be your time

constant struggle come upon us all

pick the next person up don’t let them fall

the day we stop being people will be a dark day

black clouds come upon us as the devil takes us away

Poem Two

people don’t want to understand

they want music to their ears

they never seem too take a chance

they only want what’s hear 

in life you don’t get choice

but you do have a voice

so speaks what’s on your mind

or it will fade with time

but if they don’t want the same

than a compromise could be called sane

hearts get broken so don’t get down

it’s how you fix it and rise above the crowd 

life is about survival of the fittest

don’t waste time or you’ll be unfit