Week 1 – Artist Profile – Christina M. Lee


      I came upon Christina Lee piece with the title “Blow”. The piece is formed with crocheted yarn spun around to be the shape of a circle with a painted skewer stuck right down the center vertically and taped with masking tape vertically. The right side of the piece has staples attached to the wall in a spray pattern. The piece reminded me of the cycle of earth. When something dies, another thing is reborn. The crocheted yarn being a piece of life that is stabbed through the heart with the skewer, with the staples being a sign of seeds coming out blossoming new life.

      When i read Christina Lee’s statement on GLAMFA, it was different from what I expected but similar at the same time. She says that her art is from day to day experiences that she collects artifacts to make her art. Christina also stated “ I use materials that are fragile and unstable because they mirror what i sometimes consider to be the impossibility of our experience”. I believe that to be similar to what i thought. A life is fragile and we don’t know when something is going to die or happen. We have no control of the actions because they are unpredictable.

For more info on Christina M. Lee artwork visit:christinamijunglee.com  or http://greaterlamfa.com/Glamfa2014/c_lee_2014.html


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