Week 1 – Classmate Interview – Kevin Kwon

     The classmate I interviewed was Kevin Kwon. Kevin is currently a third year and is planning on majoring in engineering. Interestingly, the only reason he chose to go into this major was that he wanted to be the first person to build a fully functional iron man suit. He says that math was the only subject in high school that he did not hate and the only subject he could tolerate. Although he has no experience in the engineering field, he intends on trying to succeed in this field.

     Kevin’s hobbies include weightlifting, eating, and gaming. As a result of weightlifting, Kevin had thought about going into a different route in regards to his major. He had planned on changing his mind, about engineering, in his second year of college and study kinesiology. He had grown such a passion for weightlifting and fitness, in general, that he had also grown a desire to help other people reach their own fitness goals. However, these thoughts left his mind when he realized that, although he may live a life enjoying what he does, he also wants to make an above average salary. Engineering allows him to do this at the cost of doing what he enjoys. He admits that he does regret this decision but believes that it will benefit him in the future and is willing to work hard for that goal of a successful life.

     It was interesting to see what kind of thoughts Kevin had during his first two years in college as well as the decisions he made.

    For more info on Kevin Kwon, visit his blog at: kevinykwon.wordpress.com


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