Week 2 – Classmate Interview – Mariela Herrera


     This second week I met a fellow classmate by the name of Mariela Herrera. Mariela is twenty years old and commutes to Long Beach. She is majoring in Criminal Justice and aspires to be a Police Officer. She currently is an Explorer for the South Gate Police Department. Explorers get to do ride along with employed police officers. They can write tickets and issue situations but can’t make arrest.

     I asked Mariela about how she liked the ART 110 class, and she says that she really enjoys it. She says it has a really laid back approach but you still get to do a lot of work that can expand your view on what is art. Mariela was born and raised in East Los Angeles, but now resides in Lynwood, California. She is the third child out of four in her family. Mariela enjoys hiking, playing soccer, and weight lifting in her spare time. She eats pretty healthy and doesn’t drink soda like me also. Her favorite fruit happens to also be my favorite fruit, that would be mangos! Mariela has a sweet tooth and loves her candy.

     Mariela is a really awesome girl and i hope to see her more often in class. She is a little camera shy so she wouldn’t let me take a decent photo.

     For more info on Mariela Herrera, visit her blog at: marielah21.wordpress.com


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