Week 2 – Artist Profile – Megan Mueller



     This week’s Artist Interview took me awhile to find a photo that i thought was interesting. I went through every gallery at least twice and i finally found the perfect pice of art. This piece of artwork is titled “Ongoing Infinity Experiments” by Megan Mueller from University of California, Santa Barbara. I love this piece a lot, i think it shows how the world is endless and we can experience whatever we want. The ocean is so big that we will never finish exploring it and we can take so much from being in it. I love to bodyboard and surf, and try to go at least three times a week. I love the ocean, especially in the morning when no one else is there. Around 6 AM is when i like to go. This piece is similar to Megan’s statement. She is heavily influenced by the environment, weather, and other natural surroundings. She likes physical objects that can be made into a piece. Her art is all man made but has a connection to the world, or nature.

     I hope i can get to see more of Megan’s art as it is wonderful.

For more info on Megan Mueller’s artwork visit her at: meganmueller.com or http://greaterlamfa.com/Glamfa2014/Mueller_2014.html


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