Week 2 – Activity – Instagram

photo 2  photo 3photo 4photo 1


     For this week’s activity part, we had to use Instagram to post four photos throughout the day with each of them with the “#Art110F14” as the hashtag. By doing this all the students in the class can see each others photos by searching for the hashtag on Instagram. I got to see everyones photos that they took throughout the day which was pretty cool but weird at the same time. A lot of the photos were similar in style but all had they’re own personal twist to them. 

     I posted my first photo of a selfie with a piece of art titled “Indefinite Obsession” by Shelbi Schroeder from University of Nevada, Las Vegas. My second post was a photo of my CECS 174 class that is focused around the introduction to a programming language called JAVA. My third post was what i had to eat that day while I watched a NFL game. The game was the Seattle Seahawks versus the Green Bay Packers. I was eating at Joey’s Pizza in Fountain Valley, CA. My last photo was when i went back to school to take another selfie with an art video titled “Slaughter” and “Butcher”. They were made by Ava Porter from University of California, San Diego.

     I felt this week’s activity help me see what everyone else does during their day, and i found it to be similar to myself. It was interesting seeing what everyone else does, and i enjoyed this activity a lot.

photo 5



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