Week 4 – Activity – Plaster Casting


This assignment was perfect for me. I love the ocean, I pretty much live for it. Lately i’ve been sick so I haven’t been going as much as I used to but that’s just how the world works. During the summer I try to go to the beach at least four times a week, during school probably around two to three. Most people like going to the beach in the afternoon when the sun is out and shining down on everyone. I only go to the beach at 6:00 AM or earlier. Most people go to tan, I go for the love of bodyboarding. I love surfing waves, it is a wonderful stress reliever for me. The bigger the waves the better. This assignment was pretty fun but I also didn’t like it at the same time. I didn’t like only because I don’t like hanging around the sand, I MUST be in the water. I’ve used plaster before so it was pretty easy for me. Thank you Professor for giving us this opportunity to go to the beach as part of one of our assignments.


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