Week 4 – Artist Profile – Jeannette Viveros


    This weeks galleries didn’t really stand out too me very much. I noticed a room that was’t quite opened yet, but after venturing around more it finally opened. This caught my attention immediately it was probably the most intriguing pice i’ve seen all semester so far. The artist’s name is Jeannette Viveros, her piece of work involved a room filled with different shades of pink. The room was covered by pink fur entirely with pink strings attached to pink ribbons and metal fish hooks dangling from the ceiling. Her work is focused on social beliefs on different genders. The room is pink which most likely represents the color associated with women, the fur for how soft and kind a women is. I still don’t quite understand the piece but it stood out to me the most. It looks so beautiful and very precise which is why i love it.

For more on Jeannette Viveros visit her blog: http://jeannetteviveros.tumblr.com/


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