Week 6 – Classmate Interview – Sergio Melendrez


This is the sixth week of instruction for us at CSULB. This week i interviewed Sergio Melendez. Sergio is from Santa Cruz, and immediately after I found that out I asked if he liked the beach. Turns out he loves the beach, then i asked if he surfed but he said no. Instead Sergio likes to “sponge” or bodyboard just like me which I thought was pretty cool. I love bodyboarding myself and do it frequently, a couple times a week. Its pretty cool how we had that in common. Sergio is a second year at Long Beach and is majoring in Film. I asked him what movies he likes and we shared common grounds on this also. We both like to watch gory horror or war type movies. We agreed on the movie “The Omen” as one of the best horror movies to ever be made.

Sergio has two brothers and two sisters which is a complete turn around from me as I’m an only child. I asked him how that is like and he told me it could be a burden but most of the time it is really nice to have a big family. Sergio asked me if I had a favorite food and I told him no. I am pretty easy to feed, I will eat anything. I prepare most of my meals at home because I meal prep. Sergio loves to eat sushi and that is one of his favorite foods. We also asked each other about musical interest and of course we had the same feelings toward music. We both liked Hip-Hop, R&B, Rap, and Soul. After meeting Sergio i got to see how cool and friendly he was. He is a really humble guy and everyone should have a chance to interview him

For more information on Sergio Melendez visit his blog: http: //sergiomelendrez.wordpress.com/


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