Week 6 – Artist Profile – Isaiah Ulloa

IMG_4976 IMG_4977

This week the gallery that caught my eye most was a collective of three different artist in one room. Some of the pieces were made by individual artist and some were a combined effort. Three pieces caught my eye as soon as I walked in. One appeared to be made of wax substances with weird grooves and edges. Too be able to see what you’re supposed to be witnessing, the sculpture had to be titled in a certain direction. One of the artist that was present was Isaiah Ulloa. He made the other piece that caught my eye. It was a 3D printing of a antelope or deer like animal that was made out of styrofoam. The pieces were made through designing on the computer and using a 3D printer to print them out. Some were made by hand for adjustments. This piece really interested me. How can one turn a styrofoam block and cut edges and grooves in it too make it look like a deer of some sort. Isaiah is a BFA art major and wants to further his career with helping in the production of prosthetic limbs for the disabled. His work has to be as real as possible because prosthetics are in fact made for actual living people. You can see through his art that Isaiah tries to imitate life to the maximum real aspects that he can possibly do.


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