Week 6 – Activity – Drawing

FrenchGirlsApp_Drawing FrenchGirlsApp_Drawing-1

This week I had a blast doing our activity. Professor Zucman made us download a drawing application called “French Girls” or any similar application on Android or IOS devices. In this application the user takes a photo or a “selfie” which is a self portrait photo. Any other user that uses this application can see this picture and they get to draw that selfie for you in a cartoonish manner. Some people draw the picture with a  funny twist, or simply draw an extension to the picture. I thought this was pretty cool and I might have to use this application quite frequently. I think this activity taught us how to expand our use of social media and it isn’t always about who gets the most likes or comments on a post. Just have fun with what you are doing, socializing is meant to be fun not some competition. When we draw we have to use everything from our eyes to our hands to our brains. When one draws you engage your hands to draw and use your visuals to see and think of what to draw. Drawing is an easy form of expression. I want to thank Professor Zucman for this activity, i really enjoyed it.


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