Week 7 – Activity – Paintings

IMG_5089 copy IMG_5090 copy

This weeks activity was pretty fun for me. Growing up i always had a very large interest in street art and graffiti. My major influence was on of my cousins who lives in Philadelphia , Pennsylvania. As a teenager he would go around and tag buildings, he has multiple scrapbooks he used to show me of his practice work. He also had a photo album of some of the places he tagged with him taking a selfie with his art work. I always liked graffiti and street art but I never really got into doing the work myself, I was more of a watcher than someone who participated in the activities. This week we were supposed to go out and find a place we could create art that wasn’t illegal but I don’t have the luxury to go out and make artwork. I work all day and by the time the I have time to create some art it is way to dark.

I drew a bubble letter font in the style of bubble letter that I learned how to draw of my name and shaded it in to kind of make it more 3D instead of a 2D look. The other drawing I had was not really more bubble letters but a mixture of a two styles. Graffiti fonts usually stick to either curved based letters or letters with sharp lines. I mixed the two together and made something that says “ART 110”. I hope you can enjoy those paintings I did because I used paint markers so technically its a “painting” and not a drawing in my opinion.


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