Week 7 – Artist Profile – Maggie Freed and Yee Li


This weeks art galleries were all pretty interesting. One of my favorites was this piece where there were tiny sculptures strategically placed in a room that got more narrow and narrow as you walked forward. The room was in the shape of a triangle. I didn’t see an artist outside of it so i just went on to another room. I stumbled upon this other gallery that i also really enjoyed. The artist statement said “ The examination of one’s own mental and emotional state”. The two artist are Maggie Freed and Yee Li. I actually felt a connection to these pieces. Their type of work is one of my favorites, I love paintings with lots of lines and colors. I felt like each line was a part of my life and depending on what color the line or shape was, is how i felt emotionally about that part of my life.  The artist said the paintings serve no bounds and can do whatever it should do. I think the paintings were wonderful and i hope to see more of their work on display in the future. By the way sorry for all the people in my panorama picture.


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