Week 7 – Classmate Interview – Zac Ramirez


Every week for out student interviews I probably looked really confused and lost. I never ever know who to interview and I’m a big guy, but I am also really shy when it comes to meeting new classmates. I was walking around when I saw Zac Ramirez. The first thing i saw when i looked at him were his shorts. They read “Los Alamitos Football”, immediately i thought to myself I have to interview him. Zac is a second year here at CSULB and is a Physical Education major which I admire a lot. I love sports and doing anything involving exercise. It think its great that he wants to get into this department but also into the military. I found out that Zac is apart of the ROTC program here at CSULB and plans to enlist in the Army after he graduates the program. I have the most respect for everyone in the military, I have family members that used to serve. One of my best friends is currently serving in the Navy, and another two are at Westpoint which is an Army military school that is one of the best schools to attend in the world. Zac lives in Los Alamitos and commutes to school everyday like myself. The reason Los Alamitos caught my eye is because I played football at Fountain Valley High School, and Los Al is apart of the “Sunset League” with us so we play them every year. Unfortunately i didn’t get to play them my senior year because I had a concussion. Like me we both don’t have any art background but we both enjoy this class. Lastly Zac doesn’t have a job because ROTC takes up most of his time which i respect. He is going to school and trying to defend our country.

Also a quick shoutout to Professor Glenn Zucman for his photo taking abilities.

For more information on Zac Ramirez visit his blog: http://zacramirez.wordpress.com/


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