Week 8 – Classmate Interview – Vanessa Garcia


This was a hectic week for me, I had two midterms. I was searching around for about 45 minutes for someone who didn’t look like they weren’t already being interviewed. Finally Vanessa Garcia was walking by and I asked if i could interview her. She is from Long Beach, and went to Long Beach Wilson. Vanessa is similar too me in that we both don’t like to go to parties and both enjoy hanging out with our friends. Other than that we are completely different. She doesn’t play sports or anything, and doesn’t even watch them. Like how can you not like sports, its a different type of entertainment but it is so fun. I asked about her favorite movies and shows and everything that came out just happened to be about vampires…. She loves watching Vampire Diaries and the Original. I personally don’t like those type of shows because i think vampires are lame. Vanessa is a Biology Major in her second year but she wants to get more into the criminal justice part of her major in the department of forensics. I thought this was extremely cool because one of my all time favorite shows was Dexter. Her favorite color is lavender, if you don’t know what that is, its like the lighter shade if purple. I wanted to take a picture with her but she said “i look like shit” so we opted for her to send me one of her photos :).

For more information on Vanessa Garcia visit her blog: http://vanessssagrxx.wordpress.com/


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