Week 9 – Classmate Interview – Kylie Hazehara

photo-3This week I met a chill girl named Kylie Hazehara. She is a first year here at CSULB and is currently undeclared. She wants to possibly go into a the physicians assistant type fields. Kylie is from the 626 area code which is known for its huge food scene mainly orientated around asian foods . Kylie is of Japanese, Chinese, and Filipino decent. She currently dorms here at beachside which is the off campus dorms.  Kylie is a huge foodie and likes to read during her spare time. Her favorite food is sushi but has never had all you can eat which is pretty unusual. She prefers salmon and hamachi which is almost everyones favorite. Everyone who either likes sushi or Korean BBQ has have to had “AYCE” at least once. In high school Kylie played volleyball which she still does here in the schools intramural competition league. A random fact about her which I thought didn’t really suit her was that she used to be really into BMX. For a female that is very rare, I thought it was pretty cool actually. Kylie is currently pledging for a cultural sorority by the name of Sigma Phi Omega. Lastly just like myself we both don’t know anything about art!


For more information on Kylie Hazehara visit her blog: http://kyliehazehara.wordpress.com/


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