Week 10 – Classmate Interview – Corinne Sampson


IMG_5247This week I met a girl named Corinne Sampson. She is from Santa Cruz, California. A cool fact about Santa Cruz is that it has a very huge surfing culture there. Corrine love being around the ocean and nature. She is a third year here at CSULB just like me and is a Dance major and to minor in a science that involves kinesiology or physical therapy. Corrine favorite type of dance is ballet. She loves too be outside and hike. On her spare time she can be seen painting and drawing or hanging out with friends. One thing i thought that was pretty cool about Corinne is that she makes jewelry, she has only sold a couple pieces but she mainly makes them to wear herself. Corinne currently resides in Long Beach and isn’t that far from our campus. Her favorite food is Italian. We both share a love for watermelon also. For halloween this year Corinne is dressing up as the tooth fairy and wants her boyfriend that goes to University of California, San Diego to dress up as a tooth.

For more information on Corrine Sampson visit her blog: http://corinnesampson.wordpress.com/


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