Week 11 – Activity – Student Choice

This week Professor Zucman wanted us to do our own choice of weekly activity. I chose to display some writing I’ve done. I usually like to express my thoughts when I am feeling down or upset and it kind of relieves some stress for me. It makes life easier for me when i write short little poems that sometimes have meaning but can sometimes also make no sense. The majority of the poems i write have  no title, and that is mainly because I am not good at being creative for a title so it is just made easier to leave it out. I hope you can enjoy these two poems.

Poem One

leaves sway before they touch down

winter is in the near you can hear it’s sound

life moves on it can’t be prevented

live for the future don’t be so vetted 

take what’s given and also give back

keep your circle small don’t turn your back

if it gets to hard don’t quit it’s fine 

fight through and it will be your time

constant struggle come upon us all

pick the next person up don’t let them fall

the day we stop being people will be a dark day

black clouds come upon us as the devil takes us away

Poem Two

people don’t want to understand

they want music to their ears

they never seem too take a chance

they only want what’s hear 

in life you don’t get choice

but you do have a voice

so speaks what’s on your mind

or it will fade with time

but if they don’t want the same

than a compromise could be called sane

hearts get broken so don’t get down

it’s how you fix it and rise above the crowd 

life is about survival of the fittest

don’t waste time or you’ll be unfit

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