Week 11 – Artist Profile – Wesley Hicks


To be completely honest none of the galleries this week appealed to my that well. It’s not that the art was bad or anything of that nature, I was just not very interested in what was presented at the time. I am sorry if that offends and of the artist. The only room that I had any sort of interest in was Wesley Hick’s room. All of his pieces are made too exploit the imperfections and the way the world makes us see things. He wants to viewers to think hard to find out the meaning of the pieces from the shape to the imperfections that were constantly redone to make better. Wesley wants his art to be complex and hard too read so viewers cans look deeply and back themselves in a corner, trapped away just to figure out what his pieces of work mean. His pieces are all of miniature scale, and they all have larger original scale pieces. His work is very vibrant and the shapes are somewhat distinct, I enjoyed looking at each piece and trying to figure out the meaning of them.

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