Week 12 – Activity – Teach One

For this week Professor Zucman wants us to “Teach One”. The focus this week is to teach something we learned during our time so far in ART 110, or something we learned involving art. I want to explain how to draw one of my favorite types of graffiti styles. This style is often called “Graffiti Arrows”. One of the things about graffiti that I think is important is that there is never a right or wrong. Graffiti is meant to be used as an expression. The graffiti arrow style involves your basic alphabet letters but with arrows. For the most part a letter can be drawn with and endpoint as your start. Once the endpoint is set, write the letter in any type of font or style you want, and end the line with an arrow. The arrow tip can be attached or non attached to the lettering. This style is pretty easy to draw and it looks nice when you do big block letters with added expressions around the letters to give more space to your art. The whole point about graffiti arrows is to show direction. An arrow portrays  and entrance point and and exit point. Arrows in the letters can be pointed in specific directions to show the viewer what to look for to get the message of the art. This is my “Teach One” for this week I hope you guys can enjoy it.


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