Week 12 – Artist Profile – Timothy Cooper


This week I really enjoyed the piece by Timothy Cooper, although he was not there to interview I believe, because I didn’t see anyone at his table I still enjoyed his work. Timothy Cooper made 145 plates using stoneware clay by hand, and used a satin white glaze before he fired it in an oven at just above 2250 degrees Fahrenheit. The process took from early September till about mid-October. Timothy said the project is to show the “ability of multiple individuals to work together to produce a positive personal, social, and aesthetic experience”. The project is his view “ that the most important material involved in art are a community, time, and a personal desire to resolve the inequities of relation”, in which I totally agree upon. Art is meant to be made to express a message or anything that can be expressed to the viewer which can be viewed as the community. The desire to create art is to portray the message to the viewer to resolve the miscommunications. The plates showed a great vibe coming from them of hard work, love, and desire to share. I thank Timothy for bringing his exhibit to our school.

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