Week 12 – Classmate Interview – Steven Le


This week I interviewed a guy named Steven Le. He approached me very timidly and confused, I think he saw a big dude and was scared to talk to me. Little did he know I am pretty friendly. Steven is a pretty cool dude, and I hope he does well here. He is a freshman that is majoring in Computer Engineering, just like myself. Steven is from Westminster, CA and attended La Quinta High School in the same city. Westminster and La Quinta are just down the street from where I live which is pretty cool. I’ve met a lot of people in this class from around my area. Steven enjoys sleeping and playing computer games specifically League of Legends on his spare time. I used to play League of Legends myself but matches take thirty minutes to an hour, and sometimes you loose track of time. He doesn’t watch TV and isn’t picky about food, so basically Steven will eat anything. At the moment Steven doesn’t have a job, but he wants to work as a tutor in the Horn Center at CSULB as a Math tutor. Lastly Steven doesn’t play any other sport but Badminton. I give him props for that, badminton is a very hard sport to play.

For more information on Steven Le visit his blog: http://stevenkle.wordpress.com/

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