Week 12 – Extra Credit?

MY FOURTH POST THIS WEEK! My three favorite activities this semester were the “Instagram”, “Student Choice”, and “Web Design”. The reason for my liking of Week 2 is because when in class does a teacher allow you to use INSTAGRAM to pass? It was fun looking at all the photos everyone posted also. Week 1 was also a good learning experience too me, because I’ve never had my own website where I actually updated weekly about what I did or anything of that nature. Week 11 was my absolute favorite because it allowed me to show something not a lot of people know about me, so it was more personal.

My three least favorite activities this year had to be “Kickstarter”, “VLOGs”, and “Counterfactual”. The only reason for me not liking these three is because I hate being in front of a camera. If i didn’t have to be in front of a camera for a video or a photo, I would actually enjoy it but the fact that I had to be in front of a camera made me very dislike it. I hate being in front of cameras.

This class is perfect the way it is in my opinion, it allows you to have an easy class that is very fun and informative. Art is a useful tool to express feelings of emotion or a message and I believe everyone should like it. The only thing that could make this class better is free food for all the students.

Thank you Professor Zucman for making this class fun and easy!

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