Week 12 – Activity – Teach One

For this week Professor Zucman wants us to “Teach One”. The focus this week is to teach something we learned during our time so far in ART 110, or something we learned involving art. I want to explain how to draw one of my favorite types of graffiti styles. This style is often called “Graffiti Arrows”. One of the things about graffiti that I think is important is that there is never a right or wrong. Graffiti is meant to be used as an expression. The graffiti arrow style involves your basic alphabet letters but with arrows. For the most part a letter can be drawn with and endpoint as your start. Once the endpoint is set, write the letter in any type of font or style you want, and end the line with an arrow. The arrow tip can be attached or non attached to the lettering. This style is pretty easy to draw and it looks nice when you do big block letters with added expressions around the letters to give more space to your art. The whole point about graffiti arrows is to show direction. An arrow portrays  and entrance point and and exit point. Arrows in the letters can be pointed in specific directions to show the viewer what to look for to get the message of the art. This is my “Teach One” for this week I hope you guys can enjoy it.



Week 11 – Artist Profile – Wesley Hicks


To be completely honest none of the galleries this week appealed to my that well. It’s not that the art was bad or anything of that nature, I was just not very interested in what was presented at the time. I am sorry if that offends and of the artist. The only room that I had any sort of interest in was Wesley Hick’s room. All of his pieces are made too exploit the imperfections and the way the world makes us see things. He wants to viewers to think hard to find out the meaning of the pieces from the shape to the imperfections that were constantly redone to make better. Wesley wants his art to be complex and hard too read so viewers cans look deeply and back themselves in a corner, trapped away just to figure out what his pieces of work mean. His pieces are all of miniature scale, and they all have larger original scale pieces. His work is very vibrant and the shapes are somewhat distinct, I enjoyed looking at each piece and trying to figure out the meaning of them.

Week 11 – Activity – Student Choice

This week Professor Zucman wanted us to do our own choice of weekly activity. I chose to display some writing I’ve done. I usually like to express my thoughts when I am feeling down or upset and it kind of relieves some stress for me. It makes life easier for me when i write short little poems that sometimes have meaning but can sometimes also make no sense. The majority of the poems i write have  no title, and that is mainly because I am not good at being creative for a title so it is just made easier to leave it out. I hope you can enjoy these two poems.

Poem One

leaves sway before they touch down

winter is in the near you can hear it’s sound

life moves on it can’t be prevented

live for the future don’t be so vetted 

take what’s given and also give back

keep your circle small don’t turn your back

if it gets to hard don’t quit it’s fine 

fight through and it will be your time

constant struggle come upon us all

pick the next person up don’t let them fall

the day we stop being people will be a dark day

black clouds come upon us as the devil takes us away

Poem Two

people don’t want to understand

they want music to their ears

they never seem too take a chance

they only want what’s hear 

in life you don’t get choice

but you do have a voice

so speaks what’s on your mind

or it will fade with time

but if they don’t want the same

than a compromise could be called sane

hearts get broken so don’t get down

it’s how you fix it and rise above the crowd 

life is about survival of the fittest

don’t waste time or you’ll be unfit

Week 11 – Classmate Interview – Rachel Peng



This week I interviewed Rachel Peng. I asked to interview her because she knows a mutual friend of mine. She met him because he was giving away a cat and she was supposed to get the cat but things never worked out. Rachel is a first year here at CSULB and is studying Pre-Nursing. She is from Garden Grove, CA and went to Cypress High School. Rachel likes all aspects of music and she also plays the piano. That’s pretty cool because I used to take piano lessons but it was too hard for me to learn. Props to her! Rachel doesn’t play any sports and only likes going to the beach depending on the mood, she is the complete opposite of me. She does enjoy snowboarding when winter comes around though. Rachel doesn’t watch that much TV so she didn’t have a favorite show. The thing we have in similar is that both of us aren’t particularly picky when it comes to what to eat. She also enjoys cooking, but mostly baking.

For more information on Rachel Peng:  http://raachelpeng.wordpress.com/

Week 10 – Activity – Landscapes


2014110295164028This week activity involved the production of a self portrait.  I am a very camera shy person and refuse too take self portraits so I put my own twist too it. I took a “selfie” which is a photo one takes of oneself, and surrounded it by something i like too do. I work at an electronic cigarette store also known as vaping. I enjoy my job, I get to talk to people the whole day about quitting cigarettes or just life problems in general. Customers come in and sometimes complain about their life and I try to comfort them. We treat everyone like family where I work. This is something I enjoy doing. I used too smoke heavy and now I don’t smoke anymore, and I am trying to help people who don’t want to have bad lungs do the same.

Week 10 – Artist Profile – Brianna Allen


IMG_5245 IMG_5244 IMG_5243This week I saw a very simple yet time consuming piece of art. This piece involved carefully placing pennies with each other and stacking them up too form a shape. This is a very simple piece that was in the gallery, but I admire art that takes time. This job isn’t done in five to ten minutes or even just one hour. This piece involves multiple hours too maybe days of work to do this. Concentration is a must with this piece. I didn’t get a chance to interview the artist but I believe her name is Brianna Allen. I give her props for doing such a simple piece that caught my eye more than anyone else piece this week.

Week 10 – Classmate Interview – Corinne Sampson


IMG_5247This week I met a girl named Corinne Sampson. She is from Santa Cruz, California. A cool fact about Santa Cruz is that it has a very huge surfing culture there. Corrine love being around the ocean and nature. She is a third year here at CSULB just like me and is a Dance major and to minor in a science that involves kinesiology or physical therapy. Corrine favorite type of dance is ballet. She loves too be outside and hike. On her spare time she can be seen painting and drawing or hanging out with friends. One thing i thought that was pretty cool about Corinne is that she makes jewelry, she has only sold a couple pieces but she mainly makes them to wear herself. Corinne currently resides in Long Beach and isn’t that far from our campus. Her favorite food is Italian. We both share a love for watermelon also. For halloween this year Corinne is dressing up as the tooth fairy and wants her boyfriend that goes to University of California, San Diego to dress up as a tooth.

For more information on Corrine Sampson visit her blog: http://corinnesampson.wordpress.com/