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Week 15 – Artist Interview – Troy Rounseville


This week Troy Rounseville gallery really popped for me. Troy’s art is based on how our emotions will change over time because of our dependance on technology. Technology has a great impact on everyones life and we don’t realize how much it affects our lives. Socializing has become an electronic based thing now, when back before technology was so advance one had to communicate face to face. I think the pieces Troy did are wonderful. His work shows the rapid change of technology and how easy everything is for us right now. The abundance of wires in this one piece can show the handwork it took too make things work. How hard it was to communicate with someone to show our emotions or anything at all. Now we can max something work with just one wire or with just a couple presses on our cellphones. I think this is one of my favorite exhibitions this year. Thank you Troy Rounseville for your work.